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Healing with Nature

At Kanji Naturals, LLC we provide products that harness the healing power of nature, healing with all your senses.  Nature photography, Incense, Herbal teas, flower essences and other herbal products.


I take pride in producing herbal teas from plants grown  locally allowing you to gain strength from plants, flowers and trees that grow and survive the same conditions we do.  The herbs are fresh and the flavors are amazing.  


This is what we do at Kanji Naturals, we bring the beauty, serenity and healing of nature to you.  Please browse our site to get a better idea of who we are and what we do.


Herbal Teas

Find the perfect blend of herbal tea to soothe, energize, or heal you naturally.


Flower Essences

Our flower essences are made with care to help aid in your natural healing.



Cultivate mindfulness and delight your senses with our loose incense blends.


Balms & Salves 

Harness the healing powers of nature with our handcrafted balms & salves.

Image by Evie S.
Image by Annie Spratt

Member Resource Library

As a Garden Club member, you'll get instant access to in-depth articles on individual medicinal plants including how to grow, harvest, and utilize each plant. Our resource library is full of recipes and printouts to help deepen your knowledge of medical plants and we are adding new material all of the time– all for just $15/year!

a box of herbal tea

I bought the Digestive Ease tea after we talked about SIBO.  I used the tea…and it worked!! I had no bloating after I ate.  I drank the tea after I started to feel bad and it went away.  It’s amazing stuff.  Thank you for a GREAT product.

– Melva

a box of small batch medicinal tea

Not only is the tea beautifully packaged, the Harmony blend tastes amazing! I can’t wait to try them all. 

– Marvia

a medicinal herbal essence

I am so glad that the Yarrow flower essence is what I chose.  I have levels up in life and know for certain that this tincture was a beautiful aid in staying strong in my direction.  The flower essences are amazing.  This product is pure and I will be buying more.

– Sarah

Thank you, we will be in touch soon!


804 8th Ave NE

Dilworth, MN 56529

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