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Flower Essences: our psychic connection to earth

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

I started researching and preparing flower essences, or elixirs, this spring and I am learning so much. I want to share with you the power of flower essences, how they work and how to use them; but first you need some background science.

As I have progressed in my healing journey, I was brought to the practice of forest bathing or "#Shinrinyoku" as it is referred to in Japan. This is a practice of walking through a forest, immersing yourself in the trees and allowing yourself to become re-energized by the energies of the trees and plants that surround you. The idea is to "bathe" your body and "wash" your mind in this healing life force the trees provide.

In Japan, Doctors will prescribe this forest bathing to patients and have even set aside 44 national parks for the purpose of forest bathing and reducing stress. Studies at the Nippon medical school show that this Shinrinyoku practice reduces stress and cortisol levels as well as lowers blood pressure within 15 minutes. To make this practice most beneficial I find you need to enter the forest, walk around slowly and observe everything around you. Pay close attention to all your senses and when you feel so moved, find a place to stop and rest and just soak in the energy around you and listen, smell, see and hear the forest. I have found many times that if I "hug" connifer trees, I feel them open and take my anxiety or fears away and replace it with cool, peaceful energy. Sounds kooky but it really works for me and when I am struggling I have to stop and think, when is the last time you were in a forest? Then I plan my days to get to a location that is healing for me (I have a few favorites) or just go in my backyard and sit and be still and soak up the energy of the trees and plants around me.

There are numerous studies showing the health benefits of having plants in your homes, in your offices, and in your gardens. In addition there is fascinating research on how flowers, trees and plants communicate with other plants and insects. It is mind boggling but then of course, it makes sense to me since we are all created by the same great Creator that he uses this same energy to benefit us all. But most amazing to me is the current research on water molecules over the last decade or so. As scientists study the water molecules they are finding that they rearrange their structure according to the energy it is receiving. Professor Rustum Roy of Penn State University has found that the structure of water reacts to any vibratory wave form and instruments revealed that within each of water's clusters there are 440,000 information panels, each of which is essentially capable of recording and storing information. It is like an amazing computer.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist from Japan, capture the changes in water with his famous water crystal photographs taken just as water is approaching its freezing point. He showed that the water crystals change their shape based on the energy around them and that the coherence, symmetry and beauty of the water crystal depended on whether the water was subjected to positive or negative energy.

So what does this have to do with #floweressences? Well it helps us understand that flowers receive and emit energy and since there is water in the plant structure itself, there is information being stored and shared. When flower essences are made, water records and retains the life energy of the flower. This is then captured when the flower is picked and placed into water to create the essence and used as an elixir to help us humans as we struggle with different emotions to heal us.

Flower essences have no scent, are taken internally where they travel along the acupuncture meridians. Since we are working with the bio energy of the flower it is very important that you use a flower essence that you know has been prepared properly. To make them fresh flowers are collected on a full or new moon (so Wednesday, July 31 is the next time I can collect flowers for my elixirs) as the lunar cycles cause the plants to pull up more water from the earth into the stems and have a surge of blossoms. The flowers are collected into purified water without touching the flower to imprint any energy by the collector. It is important that the collector has a clear state of mind to not impact the essences as well. The flowers are allowed to sit in the water in the sun for several hours, filtered and diluted with alcohol and/or glycerin several times to preserve it.

My current inventory of Flower essences includes: Lily of the Valley (helps to create "the empty cup" so that what we truly need can find the space within us and enter in. It is about learning to trust the forces that created us in the first place.); Yarrow (revitalizes the body's natural energy stores, especially after spending hours on electronic devices); Bee Balm (soothes intense stress and anxiety from trauma. Inspires hope and compassion); Cherry Blossom (promotes a profound enthusiasm and joy for life, helping you to open your heart in an almost childlike innocence and wonder); Hollyhock (for helping you open to relationships that are bothering you with softness and more caring, recognizing that you have the power to transform your relationships); and Pine (Help deal with shame and blame. The positive aspect of Pine is seen when we acknowledge our faults without dwelling on them, and put right where we can the things we did wrong. But at the same time we know when we are blameless or have done our best, and are content).

Each Flower essence comes in a 1 ounce dropper bottle and is used by placing 2-4 drops of the essence under the tongue twice a day when needed. Try an essence by noticing what flower calls to you and see if you don't notice a benefit from the flowers bioenergetics helping you. By the way my flower essences are diluted mostly with glycerin for those trying to avoid alcohol. the first dilution is with alcohol but the remaining two further dilutions is with glycerin, thus reducing alcohol yet preserving the essence.

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