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Fulfilling a Dream

I have always loved nature. As a little girl and even today, I have always sought out trees, forests and beautiful vistas to calm me when I was troubled, to find answers to prayers and to heal. I have also loved gardening and every year I learn something new and my gardens get larger and more varied and successful. I just need to immerse myself in nature and all it's beauty and variety. I am truly tied to the earth and struggle in the long winters here when I cannot put my hands and feet into the dirt. This love has caused me to dream of sharing my passion and love of nature and my knowledge I have gained over the past 14 years or more.

I am a food scientist by training with an emphasis in nutrition. As I worked professionally for companies like Kraft, Kraft General Foods and Stella Foods I was dissatisfied with their priorities and the rat race in general. I dreamed of using my nutrition degree more fully. Then I decided to "retire" from my professional career to be a mother. What an amazing time that was. The transition wasn't easy with such a drop in salary from my professional career to my husbands teaching career. We struggled. We scraped and saved. We temporarily lost health insurance and that scared me. So what do you do when the fear is so high? You face it head on. I began learning all I could about natural approaches to health from diets (not weight loss), to essential oils to herbs and energy work. There is so much amazing, peer reviewed information out there. I am a scientist and I first approach things from a scientific point of view, things that are studied and tested. It has been fascinating and my fear about health insurance disappeared. I can now comfortably deal with most medical needs of my family with very little medical intervention. When we maintain healthy bodies through maintaining a healthy terrain, it is so much easier to deal with any acute illness that may come along.

So here I am today, ready to offer herbal teas, flower essences, herbal balms, floral art and nature photography to you. A culmination of decades of dreaming, studying, experimenting, healing and harvesting. My hope is that you will find joy and healing using and surrounding yourself in the beauty of nature as well.

As of today, my website is started, my logo is designed, my labels are in process, my blends are developed and I am starting my instagram and facebook sites. My first show will be at the Dilworth Art in the Park show July 20, 2019. I will then be rotating around farmers markets at Red River, Dilworth and West Fargo. I will post where I will be and you are more than welcome to contact me about picking up products outside of these venues.

Hope to see you soon with a big smile on my face.... cause I am living my dream. :)

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I love your framed floral art that I have! I can't wait to see what herbs, fragrances, and teas you will have.


Membro desconhecido
28 de mai. de 2019

Congratulations! May you have great success in these combined endeavors. I can vouch for your lovely framed dried floral art as I have one of your pieces. It is beautiful. I have relied on you to explain lab results and harm certain medicines can cause.

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