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Powerful Lessons from Nature

For many years I worked professionally as a food scientist for Fortune 500 companies and as children started to come into my life I was searching for a way to be a #stayathomemom. The main roadblock for me was health insurance. My husband had just finished his graduate work and was looking for a teaching position, so I was the bread winner and holder of health insurance. To get past a fear, one must face it head on and understand it. So I studied. I knew nutrition from my masters degree so I studied all aspects of health and alternative medicine from acupuncture to energy work, from #herbalism to emotion coding. I no longer fear taking care of my families health, even though I am blessed with health insurance now. There is so much power in strengthening and building up the bodies terrain that keeps the immune system strong and illnesses pretty rare. I am grateful I have #healthinsurance I can afford, but I rarely use it; #nature takes care of most of our health. #healingwithnature.

As my knowledge grew and I developed tea blends, people started asking me for samples. People loved my teas. Wow! I had such little confidence in myself when I started that it blew me away. I had confidence in my teas, just not the belief that anyone would want teas from me. I have grown, stretched, cried, soared, meditated, prayed, and counseled until I found who I really am, and allowed myself to dream and to love myself. I spent hours in the forest, in nature, hiking, sitting, listening, hugging trees (#treebathing), and finding such a healing balm when I immersed myself in the beauty of nature. Only then could I deal with my emotional pain, release it and loose my anxiety and anger. Then finding that these same plants could lower my racing heart, calm my agitated nerves and strengthen my lungs was mind blowing. God has truly created a world that is not only beautiful but feeds us and heals us. Now all those courses and research on herbs and natural medicine became powerful and useful.

I began digging up the grass in my yard, prepping the soil and learning how to grow these healing plants for my family, and now for Kanji Naturals. It's been a learning curve since there is so little information for growing herbal plants in a zone 3 environment. Just learning from these little plants, their leaf and petal formations, struggles to grow, magnificent colors, their strength in surviving the most brutal of winters only to poke their heads up, even in snow, to grow again, brings me joy and healing. Their strength brings me strength, their beauty brings me joy and desire to keep trying, their scents make me stay and wander a little longer. I love my gardens and they have so much to teach me. I will share what I have learned here on this blog so you can heal with your own nature.

Another powerful lesson nature taught me is that when you love yourself, the whole world opens up and the creativity I locked inside myself came out; first in nature photography then in floral art and now my teas. I so love this creative side of preserving the beauty and healing among nature that I can't wait to share it with you. #creativity #floralart To stay grounded and strong, I needed to find a way to preserve the variety and beauty of nature during the long winters here in #Minnesota. I work with pressed plants and flowers, plaster floral impressions and photographs. This allows me to immerse myself in spring and summer while the blizzards rage around me and I stay grounded. Nature is the master teacher of art.

I will begin my business venture at Dilworth's Art in the Park on July 25th and then I will work at various farmers markets and art events in the region. I am using plants and herbs solely from this region, the bulk of which I grow right in my own gardens. I can't wait to meet you and hear what you think of my art and teas. I think you will be pleasantly amazed. Come check us out. Look for the Kanji Natural banner.

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