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You deserve a Luxurious Herbal Tea Bath

Holidays can be a stressful time. The stress can be due to missing loved ones or scheduling your days a little too full. The stress is especially apparent right now with the division over the elections and the continuing shut downs and mandates for the COVID-19 pandemic. Add to that financial burdens for some, setting the bar too high for how you want the holidays to go, missing family and we can be in a melt down state.

Let's prevent that. Take some preventative measures to keep your nervous system calm and to take time to really appreciate what the holidays are about. Isn't it funny that a holiday to help us remember and celebrate Gratitude, Love, Family and Service becomes lost in all the hub bub. Well, I have an idea for you.... an herbal bath. Ahhhh.

There are two ways to prepare an herbal bath. The quickest is to put the selected herbs into a muslin pouch or tea bag and place it under the tub spout and let the warm water run over it. This can give you some great smells in your bath, but if you really want the full herbal medicinal value, you need to plan a little time and make a tea that you pour into your bathwater. I'll teach ya how and then I will list some ideas of herbs to put into your tea to help with calming and relaxing the nervous system to help us have a happier holiday.

To make an herbal tea bath:

Put 8 quarts of water into a large pot

Add 2 cups fresh or dried herbs

Bring water and herbs to a boil, turn off heat and let herbs infuse for one hour.

Strain out the herbs as you pour the water into your bathwater.

You can do the same idea for a footbath as well only work with 4 quarts of water and 1 cup of herbs.

You can choose any herbs you want to work with, in summer you can just walk out and gather some fresh herbs and bring them in to make a bath. In winter, I use my dried herbs.

So here are some ideas of herbs you can place in your bath.

Refresh and Restore Bath

to help you reenergize after a long day but still have things to do and places to go

1 c. whole juniper berries (collect these summer and fall)

1/2 c. rosemary

1/2 c. calendula

2 inch piece of ginger or 1/4 c. dried ginger

Flower Power Bath

to help you with meditation time while bathing. Process out what happened that day and help you just be still, breathe, feel and hear what your body wants to tell you

1 c. rose petals

1/2 c. calendula

1/2 c. elder flower

1/2 c. chamomile

maybe consider adding some lavender and/or Monarda or Angelica flowers as well or replace some of others. You'll come out of the bath relaxed and smelling like roses. Love this bath.

Emotional Relief Bath

A bath to help you relax and let go of those emotions. Breathe deeply and let the emotions flow. Don't fight it.

1 c. lemon balm

1 c. lemon verbena

1/2 c. chamomile

1/2 c. rose petals

1/2 c. orange peel

also consider adding or substituting with Gotu Kola or Skullcap herbs

Don't have these herbs lying around? Try using a pouch of Sunny Soul tea blend for the Flower Power bath or Hope and Joy pouch tea blend for the Emotional Relief Bath. No measuring, no fuss, just pour the whole 2 ounce pouch into the 8 cups water and bring to boil.

For Footbaths try these:

Headache relief

1/4 c. rose petals

2 T lemon balm

1 T peppermint leaves

Tired Feet

work in retail? Running all day catching up with kids, baking and cleaning. Lets soothe those tired aching feet

1/2 c. Epsom salts (add to footpath water - not make a tea with)

1 T. peppermint leaves

2 T. lavender flowers

1 t. Rosemary or Thyme

2 T. catmint

try adding 1T ginger if you have cold feet. This will warm them up nicely.

Try some of these recipes this holiday season to help you relax so you can enjoy all the holidays have to offer and not get stuck in the stress. Happy Holidays

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